VSTC established in 2006 the organization continues to inspire & instill the highest standards of welding among the full cross-section of professionals. From students at technical institutes and fabrication shops to welders. We firmly believe that certain fundamental values characterize who we are and guide us in the accomplishment of our mission and goals. As a VSTC value Student success, learning, responsibility and action& innovation and creativity.

This creates a synergy that helps the candidate to use his talent completed for the growth of the company, ensuring mutual benefit for both. We provide end to end solutions for our clients
Recruiting Agencies which allows them to focus entered on the
running of their business.

Our team consists of individuals with many talents. We have experienced professionals in our team who have a unique ability to selectively choose candidates and fulfil client requirements


Our Mission, Vision & Values

Being responsive to the diverse communities we serve, our mission at VSTC is to be an accessible, comprehensive community Training center that promotes and fosters the intellectual, cultural, and economic vibrancy of our region. Our vision is to be the leading community Technical training and testing center that empowers students and inspires their success through exceptional an innovative education.


Our Valued Clients

Sri Venkata Sai Technical Training & Testing center would like to thank our clients for the many years of their constant support and belief in our quality service. We have been successfully placing candidates to professional and reputed
Employers across the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar Saudi Arabia, and Muscat. Our beliefs and values define what we stand for and determine how we work.


Experienced Faculty

VSTC faculty is drawn from within the VENKATA SAI Group as well as from the
industry. Each trainer brings years of technical knowledge, hands-on expertise and a sound understanding of quality standards & Best practices. Their experience in diverse industries empowers them to design relevant modular & impart practical training to all levels of personnel. Their expertise enables companies to meet standards approving criteria.


Training of  Trainers

VSTC has specific customized modules for trainers that will enable the institution to conduct various level programs in welding skills & technology.

Training: Modules will be either on-site or off-site & will include content on related technical theory as well as life science topics that will enable employees to achieve higher competence levels. Our services tailored to match an organization's individual needs.



VSTC trains students to become professional welders ready to work upon graduation. VSTC strong Interest in seeing each student becomes gainfully employed after graduation. And job prospects and good for qualified welds with the right skills. VSTC frequently arranges trade testing facilities in their campus.

Passing of which in a pre-RequisRe at support The Students to Grab Overseas Job Opportunities.

Sri Venkata Sai Technical Training and Testing Center